About Us

Our story Jewelry for you

KristinaTruDiamonds blossomed from a love for rare beauties and a passion of handcrafted jewelry. Having made her name in the diamond industry, owner and founder Kristina Tru knew it was time to use her skills and knowledge to create something truly exceptional.

KristinaTruDiamonds is a masterclass in genuinely unique designs and irresistible diamond jewelry, beyond the glamour it’s the journey in which our customers embark on when bringing their jewelry pieces to life, that brings real heart to each piece made. A priceless experience for couples looking to immortalise their most precious moments, or for the women who know a little self-love comes with plenty of shine.

At the heart of it all is honesty, we ensure absolute transparency every step of the way, starting from the sourcing of our natural diamonds, our wholesale prices, our design and production process, to the final dazzling pieces. We ensure the journey is as astounding as the jewelry itself.

We Can Make Your Dreams Come Tru.